The Netherlands is a small European country mostly known for its capital: Amsterdam. That city lures many tourists every year, but did you know the Netherlands is also a great place to live and work? With IQ Staffing, we have assisted various people with their next career step in the Netherlands. Today we would love to share all the reasons we think you should consider the Netherlands for your next career move.

Not that good with learning a new language? Not a problem!

Maybe you are worried that you don’t speak any Dutch. And yes, obviously, the locals appreciate it when you learn the language. But it isn’t necessary for your job or to get around the country. Most of the locals speak English very well. Shops, bars, restaurants, and other public spaces are used to people who don’t speak Dutch. Therefore it is easy to navigate your new life in the Netherlands, and you can learn Dutch at your own pace. 

No fuss culture and an outstanding work/life balance

The Dutch are pretty straightforward in their communication. Sometimes it can be perceived as blunt… But you will learn to appreciate it in the workspace. No meeting is longer than necessary, the meeting will have a clear (and strict) agenda, and chitchat is kept to a minimum. This means that you can actually finish your work during working hours and enjoy your time off. And time off is sacred for the Dutch. They easily take two weeks off in summer and don’t check their email during this time. So you get to enjoy your time away from the office without that being frowned upon by your colleagues.

They expect (brutal) honesty

Business culture in the Netherlands can be quite the adjustment if you are from a more polite culture. In a meeting, if someone says something you don’t agree with you are expected to speak up. Even if this is your boss or someone well respected within the company. And people will do the same to you too. Please don’t take offense though, it is never meant to be taken personally! After your adjustment period, you will learn to appreciate this part of Dutch culture, as it keeps communication clear and it speeds up processes as you do not have to spend precious time reading between the lines.

Your commute will keep you in shape (or at least be easy)

The easiest way to commute to your job in the Netherlands is usually by bike! All cities have special bike lanes so you can get from and to your work safely and quickly. If you aren’t that comfortable biking, the Netherlands also has an excellent public transport system that is highly reliable and can take you almost anywhere you want to go. All you need is an “OV-Chipcard” with some money loaded on the card, and you can take any public transport. 

Standard of living

The Netherlands has a high standard of living. According to the OECD Better Life Index, Dutch people enjoy a significantly better level of satisfaction in life than the global average, with above average career and earnings opportunities, housing, education, health and environmental standards. Aside from that the life expectancy, education possibilities and the quality of air and water are very highly ranked. All in all the country has a great living standard, combined with the other points on this list we highly recommend you consider the Netherlands for your next international move!