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At IQ Staffing we know what drives people. You are ready for the next step in your career, and maybe even an international adventure! At IQ Staffing we’ve got you covered! From finding the right job to helping you move and get settled, we are here to support you every step of the way. Are you ready for the next adventure?

About us

IQ Staffing

IQ staffing is specialized in matching IT professionals with the perfect job. Efficiency, urgency, and excellent service are our top priorities. We have long standing relationships with our clients and focus on really understanding the business they are in. This is important because the best matches are made based on skill and personality.

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We make the best match between the job and the professional. Therefore, our team doesn’t just match based on skill, but also on goals, personality and company culture.


Sometimes the best match just does not live close, we are here to help! If your perfect hire lives abroad, we help them land in their new home country with our relocation services. This ensures a smooth transition from one country to another and makes the onboarding of your new hire that much easier.

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Looking for a professional to fill a (temporary) role? We are here to help! Whether it is to fill an interim position, find a permanent addition to the team or to hire a specialist for a specific project, we know the right professional for the job!

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If I were to describe my experience with IQ Staffing team, I would definitely use words such as professionalism, support, guidance, enthusiasm, but moreover a sense of being treated as a person instead of a resource. The whole recruitment process has been pleasant, not stressful, and most importantly successful, much of it being due to IQ Staffing involvement. I appreciate that this didn’t stop but it continued even after the employment process was completed. There are periodical calls asking if everything is going well if you are satisfied with the activity, a status check of you as a person and not only as an employee. Thank you Benedikt and Jos for you efforts and support in my regards! And the whole team! I feel lucky and grateful for this collaboration and hope it will be a long-term one.


IQ Staffing is a serious company and I highly recommend it. From the moment I received the work offer till now IQ Staffing was transparent and supportive. My questions, concerns and requests in general were discussed, understood and agreed together. Regarding points of improvement my recommendation is to keep up the good work.


Thanks to IQStaffing I was able to work for an internationally known company like IBM. For years now, I’ve been aiming for big companies, as they provide a stable environment, opportunities to grow and access to the newest technologies. Thanks to IQStaffing I got that. I never thought I’ll have an employer abroad, but finalizing our contract was as easy as doing it here, locally in Poland. Everything was a breeze, not to many formalities, which I really appreciate. Their staff was always very helpfull and answered all of my questions, making all uncertainties fade away. I would highly recommend IQStaffing to everyone, as they really open up new possiblities in life.


I’ve met great people at IQ Staffing. Greetings to Magda and Benedict for all the information provided and helping me to find the right job.


I am new in the team, and I already start to feel like home. I think that I am super lucky to be a part of IQ Staffing, it is an amazing and helpful team to work with, open-minded and highly focused on your personal growth within the company.


Quick, fast and prompt communication. All of the people from IQ Staffing with whom I interacted were very quick and efficient in answering my questions and following up on open points. Absolutely invaluable support from the relocation consultant. I would have probably not accepted the job offer if that support had not been provided. It takes away 90% of the stress of relocating, I only had to worry about signing a lease. Great support in understanding the contract. Every question I had was answered in detail to make sure that I understood what I was signing.

Overall I was very satisfied with the whole process and the support I received (and still currently receive) during my contract.


IQ Staffing helped me through the whole interview process professionally and supported me even in the most difficult decisions and legal questions I had. While I am working as a consultant, I am always welcome in the office, where the atmosphere is nothing like in the previous companies I worked for. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming, feels like a group of good friends 🙂 It’s always a hard decision to change careers, especially in this industry, but I’m happy I made the switch and I could not ask for more support from the company.


Transparency and professionalism are some of the impressive characteristics of the staff and I would like to express my appreciation to Magda and Benedikt, in particular, for the opportunity and support I was given.
The recruitment process went surprisingly smooth, and during my transition period, the staff helped me along the way with useful tips and guidance in order to make my moving abroad easier.
I strongly recommend IQ Staffing for helping, encouraging and never hesitating to offer support.


I am very happy with the service of IQ Staffing. I would like to highlight Benedikt, the support I get from him is exceptional. I highly recommend working with IQ Staffing to anyone.

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